Virtual Private Server

What is Virtual Personal Server (VPS)

The dawn of every new day is widening the expansion of internet to the newer edges and today everyone loves to have his own...
Dedicated Server Hosting

How Dedicated Servers are Advantageous

Now-a-days, the shared webhosting plans are available at very competitive rates. There are many companies Dreamhost’s ‘hatching plan’ is available for just $4 per...

How to Create a Subdomain and Install WordPress on it

A subdomain is a domain name that is a part of a larger top level domain name. In simple words subdomain is a second...

How to Redirect Domain using Cpanel

At many times, a web-developer feels a need to redirect traffic from one domain to another as by this technique he doesn’t have worries...

Top Five Cpanel Hosting

Thanks to its simplicity and user-friendly interface, Cpanel hosting has become the most common business now-a-days. A powerful, stable and easy control panel of...

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