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4G network speed to be doubled up in 10 UK cities

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EE 4gEE is all set to double up its speed for 4G network in 10 cities of United Kingdom this summer, giving them one of the world’s fastest mobile internet services. London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool and Leeds will be the cities that will be able to enjoy the improved service.

The gigantic enhancement in service speed will allow smartphones to transmit high definition video as fast as fibre-optic wires when EE turns up the dial, with the theoretical speed escalating to 130Mbps.

The move become possible by doubling the amount of airways used to transmit 4G will lead to a top rate of 80Mbps outside of the laboratory, which means UK will vanquish United States, who claim theoretical speeds of more than 100Mbps but deliver on average just under 10Mbps according to a study, in fastest internet service speed.

With the existing 4G network speed, the users are already able to instantly access three-dimensional map images. Doubling the speed will bring revolution in the every department of life. The developers who faced problems in developing some big applications at 40Mbps, won’t suffer further will increased speed. The anticipations are high that with enhanced speed, the mobile data traffic will grow by as much as 750% in the next three years.

EE, who , which owns 36% of all mobile spectrums in use in UK,  said its improved services would mean a “truly mobile office” could become a reality, with smartphones, tablets and laptops all connected by a 4G mobile Wi-Fi device.

The fascination of British people with smartphone and tablet PCs prompted EE to double up 4G network speed despite of its exclusive price. The group said, for an undecided time it won’t charge extra from the users but they will be charged with the growth of network. The trial will team up existing 1800MHz spectrum of EE with the large amount of 2600MHz.

The group said it has set a target of one million by this year’s Christmas but refused to confirm that how many customers have been signed-up so far.  The mergence of T-mobile and Orange networks by Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom in UK in 2010 had constituted the largest mobile group of the country.


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