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Facebook smartphone to be unveiled today

Facebook smartphone

Facebook smartphoneIn what is seen the biggest step towards its induction into the mobile, Facebook is expected to unveil collaboration with handset maker HTC and software that will be capable of taking over any Android phone.

The move by world’s largest social network, which is expected to be announced in company’s San Francisco headquarters on Thursday and Is likely to be livestreamed from the Facebook newsroom, is largely seen in the wake of company’s latest statistics, according which its 680 million of its monthly 1 billion users are accessing Facebook from a smartphone rather than the personal computers.

A leak of software seen by Android police website revealed that social’ Home will be the centerpiece of the smartphone that can be downloaded to Andriod phones. With the application, several functions from camera to the home screen can be customized. Paring its year-to-date decline to 1.4 percent, Facebook rose 3.3 percent to $26.25 yesterday in New York.

A device Myst, specially manufactured by a Taiwanese firm HTC is likely to illustrate the software. The much-anticipated Facebook smartphone, which’s development took almost two years, is likely to be laced with some extra features from the traditional smartphones.

The screen of Facebook smartphone will be a bit larger than the iPhone at 4.3 inches and the handset will work on specific 4G networks. Its storage will be a basic 16GB. The rear lens will have a simple 5 megapixel resolution rear lens for photos and the front facing camera 1.6 megapixels for video calling.

A technology news site Unwiredview has said that the Facbeook smartphone will collect information relevant to the owner not just from Facebook, but from texts, emails, news sources, and include targeted advertising.

Beside this, the users can also get the information to the very personal details of the person on other end, such as their location, numbers of their children with names and their recent activities with the help of enhanced call identification page.

The giant social media network is also expected to take over phonebook of both dialer and owner using the using the patent application, called “Caller identification using social networking information”. With more comprehensive user information, Facebook can consolidate its mobile ad effort.

The analysts have said that that matching the success of devices made by Apple or Samsung Electronics Co. which make the Galaxy line of phones would be hard for the Facebook smartphone initially.


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