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How URL Shortening Services are Disadvantageous

URL Shortening Services

URL Shortening ServicesThe URL shortening services were used during the past decade to make a website address more manageable and more memorable since ones assigned by free webhosting sites were too long and awkward. However, down to the wide usage of micro-blogging websites such as Twitter and Tumblr, the URL shortening services (such as Bit.ly, 0rz.tw and 3.ly) have witnessed a sort of revitalization.

Disadvantages of URL shortening services:

The reduction in the length of a website address may save some characters on Twitter, where the maximum limit of a tweet is 140 characters. But adopting the URL shortening service otherwise is disadvantageous for you in many aspects and it should be used only in indispensible situation.

Shortened URLs Can Hurt Your brand:

The real address of your webpage commences with domain name. It not only indicates that about what the page is but also contributes in the establishment and promotion of your brand. By shortening the URL, you fail to capitalize this invaluable benefit.

Shortened URLs Can Cause Confusion:

Unlike actual URL, the shortened URL does not give user the right identification of page. Usually an actual URL is the facsimile of Page title which helps the users to easily determine the contents of page.  The shortened URL is nothing more than the jumble of characters.

Shortened URLs Can Be Difficult To Recall:

Due to the small length of shortened URL, people assume that recalling it would be easier than actual URL.  But I don’t think so. The actual URLs might have been longer but they are evocative and easier to remember.

Shortened URLs May Redirect Too Late:

Sometimes, due to some internal server error of the URL shortening service, the process of redirection from actual URL to shortened URL may take too much time, which irritates the readers and they just close your website and navigate to some other,  most likely of your competitor.

 Shortened URLs are not safe:

The shortened URLs can also be risky for the safe browsing. Apart from this, the threat of hacking attack also looms over URL shortening services.

When URL shortening services are acceptable:

Despite of the above mentioned disadvantages of URL shortening, there are times when reduction in the length of URL is beneficial.  When the numbers of characters in a tweet are exceeding from the limit or other such situation is occurred, use URL shortening service but avoid otherwise.

So always remember that URL is not an unimportant entity, it makes a sharp impact on the life and growth of a webpage, and ultimately the brand.


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