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Best Linux Distribution among many in Linux OS

Linux Users

The Question Best Linux Distribution is very common because as per today record there are about 67,143,290 Linux users, recorder by LiCo. The World Population is about 7,156,172,999 and the Internet users are about 2,633,069,150 so the really big numbers of users are using Linux. Now the question of Best Linux Distribution could be answered in this way that as the Linux users are growing day by day so it is really hard to find out that how many users are using Centos, How many are using RedHat, how many with Debian , what about Fedora ?

This is really difficult to find at this stage . but according to users this could be figure out here.

Many users says that Linux for Laptops the best distribution is Fuduntu as this is best optimized for mobile computing at the same time many Linux users recommends Enterprise Desktop Linux for Desktop use. Ubuntu comes at number one according to many reviews and users recommendations.  OpenSUSE got the second position if we talk about top 10 linux distributions.

below is the review for users where one can find the Best Linux Distribution as the review is made by users.


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