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Five ways to improve Your Website Ranking in Google

Google webiste ranking

Google webiste rankingGoogle determines website ranking depending on a number of factors. The web pages that approaches Google’s criteria, accomplishes the higher ranks. In this post we’ll discuss five things you can do to increase the visibility of your website in Google.

It is not guaranteed that by following these tips you can lift your website to top in list but its visibility in the search engine will certainly improve.

Do not rely upon the spam and websites that makes the claims to submit your website to myriad search engines, this is nothing more than just waste of time and money. Actually these spamming sites can hurt the ranking of your site.

1.       Keyword Phrases:

Avoid relying on a single focus keyword and instead add a string of words to make a keyword phrase. Take out Google to have a look that how and what sort of keyword phrases help with searches. At least stick to one subject per page, and stick to one keyword phrase per page. It should not be meant that you should write pretentious content or use unusual phrases. Write clearly, which is easy to search as well as easy to read.

2.       Keyword Density:

It is one of the key factors the Google look when a search query is requested. The density the keyword density means how often the keyword is used in the content.  Use natural phasing and don’t try to cheat Google by repeating the keyword again and again irrespective of this that it is making sense in the content or not. This is a below-par tactic and ineffective method, and the sites which practice this method could be penalized by Google.

Use your focus keyword in the first and last paragraph for increasing its density, but not unnecessarily, it is needed to make sure that it is making sense there.


3.       Name Website’s Pages:

A descriptive name with the <title> tag is critical for boosting a website ranking in Google, which shows the search results as a link using the title of website. The pages are needed to be named because nobody will click a link called ‘untitled’. Where suitable, try to use the keywords phrases in page title.

4.       Social Networking:

The social networking websites have became indispensible for the growth of a website. But not all of them make a direct impact on the website ranking in Google. Del.icio.us and Digg are the social networking sites that are influential.

5.       Submit your site in open directory project:

Submitting your website to the open directory project could be a milestone in the journey towards higher ranks.  Google gives a lot of importance to this directory. However, you would’ve to wait for some days before getting a successful submission message from the open project directory as its listing system is not automated and a real human checks it before submission.

Submit your website to other specialized directories but not in too much directories, it may halt your campaign for improving your website ranking in Google.


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