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Google 1+ getting popular in blogs being Social

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Google 1+ popularity in blogs being social

Every one talking about Google 1+ and Facebook like button. This year Google announced 1+ Google and that was the time this discussion started. google 1 + buttonThere are so many use of this button as every one can add this button to any of the post on blogs. Actually Google want to join the Social network race as there was the only missing product in Google products. Right now peoples and professionals are thinking and deciding about the use of this button and at the same time many of webmasters adopted already and started publishing this on their blogs and pages.

Google Search Results

We have provided some of the snaps for the use of this Google 1+ button and how it is going to work the way Facebook does. Below you can see two search results one is having Google 1+ in blue color and the second result have Google 1+ button but its not in blue

Search Result and Google 1+ color which shows that user have not clicked on this button yet. So if you have selected this button then this search result will appear in your search result. These were few facts about the search results and getting your network expanded.

Google 1+ for Web Sites

Now Google is started the same for websites you can put your email and get Google 1+ code with lot of FAQ’s . You can install the code on your website and get it working . All the CMS also got plugins and modules for this button as well as you can see blog with Google1+ button. So webmaster and IT professionals are very much participating in the race Google joined in Social network and Social media marketing .

Google or FaceBook

This is really hard to decide this time that which one need to use Google1+ or FaceBook Like button. Many of experts opinion is try to use both and not to stop facebook yet .


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