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UK Facebook users to pay up to £11 for contacting celebrities



The British Facebook users will now have to pay up to £11 ($16.87) for contacting the celebrities and other people who Facebookare not in their friends’ circle.

World’s largest social network has just unveiled an experiential scheme in United Kingdom with fees ranging as much as £10.68 for contacting a well-known celebrity, such as cricketer Kevin Pietersen. For making a contact with less popular figures, who don’t have a huge official army, a standard 71p will be charged.

Since December last year, the huge social network has been trailing charging at its US operation. Apart from UK, the trail has also been experimenting in 35 other countries. According to a Facebook official several factors, including “secret” fame of algorithm, are considered in the creation of fee structure.

Facebook, according to the latest statistics whose monthly users have been propelled to 680 million ,  has confirmed the trail but said the decision about its implantation across the social network has not yet been made.

For now, not all UK-based Facebook users are asked to pay for sending messages to strangers, but those who are involved in the experimental scheme can witness a fee scale to get engaged with a famous personality at national level.  The less famous people can be contacted in  71p.

With the release of charging feature, a controversy is on cards because anybody won’t like emptying his pockets for a “healthy” activity.

However Facebook’s stance is that the paid-messaging will help it to lessen the spamming messages for famous people as these messages won’t go directly into the “other” folder, wherein all communication from the people who are not in user’s friends circle is stored, and will instead be delivered into the inbox of the recipient.

Earlier this year, the giant social network had set £61 ($100) fee for having a conversation with the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.


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