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Are you facing problem in your mail server? Or Linux? Contact Us

ITRC is a name of revelation. We bring forward the techniques which are hazel free and convenient. Save the time is our prime object. We do Web Development, Web Design, Server Installation , Web Hosting and 24/7 Support.

Remote support and solutions is another our project which define us more clearly. There is no difference for problems in a big network or in a small network. Suppose that you have an order and your shipment day is Wednesday, the entire network is working very good till Wednesday morning,  but suddenly your network stops to proper response, will it take long time to come any consultant? Or you will prefer to a consultant who can remotely serve you in all your IT services?  Of course YES, if time and promise is worthy for you, be sure WE are with YOU!!!

We provide remote service and solutions not only for Desktop Solutions but also for Server Administration on both OS i.e. MS WINDOWS and LINUX.

The Fittest will survive:

“WE HAVE HACKED”; this one sentence from your network Administrator is enough to shake whole of your Origination. Your network security doesn’t end at firewall or Antivirus. It demands MORE, and ITRC provides you that tension free security plan for your network. We meet the solutions of expanding your network, Secure your network from hacking to viruses and from mishandling of machines to a smooth and secure network.

To a good satisfaction of our customers is our prime goal, so we provide a hassle free remote Services just to save time and for a proper and timely support, we handle all IT Solutions remotely as well as on go to site.

We always take care and provide IT Solutions remotely for Mail server; Active Directory, Administrator Server on both systems (Windows Linux) and we are not far from problems.

Our expert team is there to solve email server’s issues, Active directory DHCP, Web hosting, and a simple desktop support is also at our finger tips. We provide consultancy and services in all IT field but we are not out source ever.


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