Online Fundraising Concept Note for non profit

Enhancing the Impact of Online Marketing for Development Sector:

A Pilot Online Marketing Program to support Fundraising/partnerships and projects

Concept Note


There are more than 100’s of thousands non-profit organizations working globally. Therefore, it is quite difficult to attract and retain donor community in such a competitive environment. It becomes even more difficult when the brand name of the organization is not well known. Because majority of the individual and institutional donors prefer to donate their funds to organizations well known to them as well as credible in their eyes. Unfortunately projection, promotion and marketing which are the basic components of brand imaging of your organization are very expenses in these days if we use traditional ways. Therefore, for nonprofit organizations having scarcity of resources, it is not possible to spend a handsome amount for promotion and brand imaging. 

Download the Online Fundraising Concept Note. Online Fund Raising Concept Note for Global Marketing