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Whatsapp, others threatened Facebook’s dominance on smartphone



Whenever we talk about creating personal profiles, building friends network, sharing photos, music and videos and the whatsappother things like this, the first illustration materialize in mind is Facebook, the largest social network with more than one billion users.

Facebook might have been the world’s most popular website, but thousands of young people with the savvy of technology, are instead turning to a storm of smartphone-based messaging applications that are now widening across Asia, Europe and North America.

These applications include Whatapp and Kik, which are flourishing with the dawn of every new day in the Asian markets. Teaming up the elements of social networking and text messaging, these applications provide a nippy way for the users of smartphone to users to manage everything from concise texts to coy picture to YouTube videos.

The tech gurus believe that the smaller applications will pose a serious threat to Facebook’s dominance in the forthcoming years. The larger ones are waiting in wings to skirmish Facebook by formulating a platform that can support third-party applications.

Though there are diminutive signs of Facebook loosening its clutches over the market immediately, the giant social networking website isn’t ready for taking the situation lightly and is going to launch news about Android, one of the most widely used smartphone operating system, which could include deeper amalgamation of Facebook messaging tools.

Waterloo, Ontario-based Kik scramble to bigger heights since its launch in 2010 and in this short period, its users have been propelled to 40 million.

Beside Whatapp and KiK, that can be induced to the high-profile applications is MessageMe. The application introduced by viral game marketers earlier this week and witnessed 1 million download in its first week.

The companies of Asia are also not behind in this race and are creating some of the vastly-growing application is history. WeChat of Tencent has swanked more than four hundred million users. Lions and KakaoTalk have also laid the foundation to introduce themselves into US market by claiming 120 million and 80 million users respectively.

The spiraling in the messaging applications have reflected phenomenal budge in the usage of internet during the past couple of years, as web visits via desktop computers have languished while smartphone ownership and application downloads have boosted.

To emphasize priorities of the company, Facebook chief exective Mark Zuckerberg has overtly termed as a “mobile company”. Last year, he speckled $1 billion for Instagram, a photo-sharing application that has remained scorching.



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