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Wateen SMTP Server

Wateen SMTP Server

Many of the internet services providers in Pakistan are offering email services without any problem but few ISP’s are having problems to relay email via their SMTP servers .

Some of them are allowing to use your own SMTP server but other don’t . Wateen SMTP server is one of them who don’t allow relaying emails from your own SMTP server, in this case you have to use Wateen SMTP server.

At here the problem comes, they have not published any email settings for clients any where but still there are many places and guides where you can find the Wateen SMTP server. We have made all together the settings of Wateen SMTP server as below:

you can use

smtp.wateen.net some time this is not working then you can use

mail2.wateen.net as this is what recommended by Wateen .

In case you are having problem with above SMTP server there is only way to send email using Wateen Internet services is that you have to use your web mail like mostly hosting providers are offering yourdomain.com/webmail url for web mail server



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