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BlackBerry 10 inscribe company to success, but win not yet affirmed

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10The depleted BlackBerry on Thursday bounced back astonishingly in the US market and resurrected itself with a considerable profit.

The Canadian company, which was marked as dead by Wall Street amid ferocious competition from more advance mobile devices, shipped more BlackBerry 10 Smartphone than expected in the recent quarter.

However, whether BlackBerry is on course towards a flourishing turnaround or not will be determined in the several quarters.

BlackBerry, which penetrated the competitive US market with the new phone earlier this month, failed to sustain momentum despite of selling BlackBerry 10 mobile phones across the globe, and witnessed a loss of about 3 million subscribers to end the quarter with 76 million.

BlackBerry 10, which was first presented in the market on January 31, is hailed as crucial for future of company by the market analysts.

There was a stark contrast between the sold 1 million and 915,000 touch-screen phones the market analysts were expecting till the conclusion of second quarter – March 2.

The financial results were pleasing for the investors. Following the affirmation of results on Thursday the BlackBerry’s stokes propelled to $15.55. However, the company slumped to 14.45 at close after witnessing a sharp-drop of $1.12 dollars in the last hour of trading.

Thursday’s results, however, were enough to change the minds of many analysts, who had written the company off last year, but now believe that the company is on song towards resurrection.

New York’s Jefferies analyst Peter Misek was pretty phenomenal with backlash the Canadian company.

“I thought they were dead. This is a huge turnaround” said Misek, adding BlackBerry has “demolished” the numbers, particularly its gross margins.

Witnessing a convincing growth of 6 percent from 34 percent a year earlier, BlackBerry, which credited the higher average selling price and higher margin for devices, reported a gross margin of 40 percent in this year.

Redesigned for multimedia, Internet suffering and other applications, the sumptuous BlackBerry Z10 smartphones, give the customers much more than their needs.

Offering a bit extra than the basic features of a mobile phone, the BlackBerry smartphones were the first choice of customers till 2007. However, the introduction of Iphones in 2007 caused their downfall and tightened their clutches in the market. Iphone redefined the meanings of innovation and urged the customers to look beyond the basic mobile functions.

The Canadian company witnessed the rose of 19 cents per share in the most recent quarter as compared to the loss or 24 cents a share, a year earlier. Thanks to the substantial rose in the price of share, the revenue of BlackBerry has been reduced from $4.2 billion to $2.7 billion.


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