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How Dedicated Servers are Advantageous

Dedicated Server Hosting

Now-a-days, the shared webhosting plans are available at very competitive rates. There are many companies Dreamhost’s ‘hatching plan’ is available for just $4 per month with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. But on the other hand, the dedicated servers are not pretty expensive, mostly up to $200 monthly.

In this post we’ll discuss that how dedicated servers are advantageous and why you should look to accomplish this option despite its sky-scraping price.

I am going to explain you the importance of dedicated servers riding over my own experience. About eight months back I transferred my website to a dedicated server from shared hosting. And the progress of website in this short time made me pleased.

The advantages of dedicated servers are myriad, faster web pages load time is one of them.

Why shift to a dedicated server?

With the development of my website, I purchased a shared webhosting plan from a leading webhosting company and my site ran over that for several years. Everything was going well; I was pleased with the amount visitors the site was driving.

Nevertheless, one day last year my site witnessed an incredible promptness in traffic and drove up 50,000 visits in just some hours.

It was simply unbelievable for me and I was suspicious that something is mysterious.  After remaining in state of obscurity, I learnt that the problem actually in the system of webhosting company.

Due to the sudden increase in visitors, my site started consuming most of the server resources. Its aftermaths were horrible for the other sites on shared server and they witnessed a massive reduction to their traffic, mainly due to their sluggishness.

Since my website was creating problems, it was taken down from the shared server and moved on the dedicated server alongside all the files.

Benefits of dedicated server:

After running the website to the dedicated server for several months, I experienced that it is advantageous from many aspects.

(1)    If your website is being put offline due to the sudden increase in visitors, you won’t have to worry about it. If the parameters are being surpassed, you can always pay more for that.

(2)   It allows you to choose the hardware of your choice. Generally, this is related to the faster web page load times.

(3)    It also helps you in streamlining your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.

But the million dollar question is that whether it also helps the website to drive more traffic? The answer is absolutely YES! Since moving to the dedicated hosting, my site has witnessed 70% increase in traffic.

In the nutshell, the dedicated server might have been 10 times expensive than shared server but it keeps the site protected from many problems, the sites hosted on the shared hostingexperience and ensures greater traffic.


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