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How to Redirect Domain using Cpanel


At many times, a web-developer feels a need to redirect traffic from one domain to another as by this technique he doesn’t have worries to lose the existing viewers. For the WordPress users, the most common way to redirect domain is the redirection through Cpanel. Let’s find out a step-by-step tutorial to redirect a domain using Cpanel.

Step 1:

To switch your viewers from one domain to another, first of all you have to login to Cpanel and select the Redirects icon.

Step 2:

Leave the setting as 301 redirect because this is the most effectual and search engine-friendly technique for redirecting websites. This approach may be used in several conditions.

Step 3:

In the third step, select the suitable domain name from the drop-down.

Step 4:

Now, enter an optional path and file name in the next text box; this correct name must be typed to activate the redirection.

Step 5:

The next step is to fill the large blank with the complete URL for the redirect target; include https:// or http:// (e.g. http://bluehost.com.) and hit Add button.         

Note: Avoid changing the other settings until you don’t know the aftermaths of the action.

Redirecting Options

There are a number of options, which you can configure in order to redirect domain.

WWW Redirection

The www redirection option is about the configuration of handling of redirection in regard to the www subdomain i.e. you can apply the redirect when www has been included or not. Alternatively you can leave the choice upon the user to type www or not, to redirect to domain.


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